Looking to start an RTO? Or just need compliance advice? Email us at info@phoenixcompliance.com.au
When experience counts – call Phoenix Compliance Management. Get it right the first time. Setup a quality management system so your RTO is always Audit-Ready and runs smoothly. Train and monitor your staff well to ensure they maintain compliance and deal immediately with non-Compliance findings. Set yourself free of worry.

If you already have audit concerns then our team is a master at solving such issues. We have been engaged by many RTOs in several tribunal/court cases against the state and national registration bodies, resulting in positive outcomes for the majority of clients. This has provided support to RTOs but it is not the intention of the organisation to actively work against the Regulators. We encourage a 'win-win' outcome.

Phoenix Compliance Management provides support to both local RTOs and CRICOS colleges training in all industries.

If your RTO is planning on seeking CRICOS approval then give us a call first. One call to Phoenix Compliance Management will save you hours of work and minimise the cost of document preparation and submission.


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