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Smart and Skilled Transition Arrangement

Training Commencements under the existing APL Contract

Smart and Skilled has finally arrived for NSW. Training Providers that commence training delivery under the 2011-2012 Approved Providers List (APL) Contract (as varied from 1st January 2014) must continue to deliver this training.

State Training Services (STS) will continue to make payments until the training has been completed for all training participants.

The training provider is bound by all the requirements of the APL Contract. This includes data lodgements, payment amounts, record keeping requirements, student obligations, etc.

Training Participants continuing from 2014 into 2015 will pay transition fees to continue training in 2015. Further information is available at the link below:

Training Commencements under a 2015 Smart and Skilled contract
Training Providers that receive the offer of a 2015 Smart and Skilled Contract will be able to begin enrolments once they accept the Contract and Approved Qualification Activity Schedule(s).

Providers must not commence the Notification of Enrolment Process for any prospective students before 31 October 2014. Training for these enrolments must not commence before 1st January 2015.

The Smart and Skilled Application is currently in its final stages, if you have applied for a Smart and Skilled Contract you will be advised of the outcome by the end of October 2014.  If you have applied and not received any information regarding your contract - phone them - follow up.

October 2014 - This month Phoenix Compliance salutes 3 major achievements....

1. 22-year-old Chaz Mostert who became a Bathurst legend when he passed Jamie Whincup on the last lap of a remarkable, unbelievable and utterly stunning Bathurst 1000 car race to score a fairytale victory for Ford. Coming from last to win is a Mount Panorama miracle. The only lap he managed to lead was the last lap - the winning lap. There goes the sayings "its not over until the fat lady sings" or "never give up" or "keep the dream alive" or "the man who thinks he can - can".


2. The South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league team have emerged from a 43-year losing streak that even saw them kicked out of the competition. The Grand Final marked the return of one of rugby league's great teams. They have now felt the full power of the strength of glory and the pride of the league. Their survival is testament to the tenacity and loyalty of Rabbitohs supporters and their determination to never give up. 

At least 4 generations of family members have continued to carry the flag for the Rabbitohs – never giving up on them.

They have felt and seen heartache – year after year. They have seen being kicked out of the comp', they have seen getting beat by 66-nil. They’ve seen a lot. But that just builds and builds and the emotion seen when they made it - when they finally made their first Grand Final and WON.

In 2006, the struggling working class club found an unlikely saviour in actor RUSSELL CROWE.  With Russell’s backing, there was money and a new sense of self-belief. South Sydney grew stronger and stronger and so did their supporters. Thank you Russell.

As Adam Harvey from the ABC New said “The Rabbitohs at last found their groove".

                                                                                                                 Extract from Adam Harvey’s – ABC News Report


3.At the peak of his career, Parramatta’s rugby league player Jarryd Hayne has decided to chase his dream and head off to USA to have a crack at Gridiron – NFL. Rugby League was not challenging him anymore. He felt like he had done everything in the game. 

In life, you have to enjoy the journey and, for Jarryd, the journey of having a go at NFL is exciting.  Right now he feels it is greater than anything here.

Following your heart, following your dream, have faith and dare to let go. Know when, your job, your relationships, what ever bothers you, feels like to much of a challenge to go on. Recognise when it’s time to jump-ship and dare try something new – in life and in business.

September 2014 - Phoenix Compliance salutes - Sir Ken Robinson

Ideas on education                     

Sir Ken Robinson has suggested that to engage and succeed, education has to develop on three fronts.

First, that it should foster diversity by offering a broad curriculum and encourage individualisation of the learning process; secondly, it should foster curiosity through creative teaching, which depends on high quality teacher training and development; and finally, it should focus on awakening creativity through alternative didactic processes that puts less emphasis on standardised testing thereby giving the responsibility for defining the course of education to individual schools and teachers.

He believes that much of the present education system fosters conformity, compliance and standardisation rather than creative approaches to learning. Robinson emphasises that we can only succeed if we recognise that education is an organic system, not a mechanical one. Successful school administration is a matter of fostering a helpful climate rather than "command and control”. ref:

See Sir Ken's 3 YouTube links below.  Listen carefully to his quick wit and dry sense of humour.


Our World is Changing - Sir Ken Robinson

Published on 15 Mar 2012

Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace. To prepare our students, lessons must go beyond the "3 R's" and foster 21st century skills. Skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity will be essential for students to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  YouTube

Why Home School - Sir Ken Robinson

Uploaded on 3 Nov 2011

Why I Homeschool? Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. YouTube

Fundamental Economics - Sir Ken Robinson

Published on 18 Jul 2013

Sir Ken Robinson addresses the fundamental economic, cultural, social and personal purposes of education. He argues that education should be personalised to every student's talent, passion, and learning styles, and that creativity should be embedded in the culture of every single school….YouTube

Teaching In The 21st Century - mathipedia

Uploaded on 24 Oct 2010

Some big ideas around 21st century skills and teaching with technology. Originally created as a summary of the ASB Unplugged Conference in Mumbai, India 2010. Compiles thoughts from leaders in tech education and explores the big topics of conversation around what the 21st century classroom looks like.  YouTube


Delegating regulatory responsibility to RTOs - ASQA - 11 September 2014

In-line with the Australian Government’s commitment to reduce the regulatory burden on business, ASQA is rolling out a package of regulatory reform initiatives which includes:

  • enhanced information and guidance for training providers to assist them in complying with the required national standards

  • reduced regulatory scrutiny on providers with a track record of compliance, and

  • a sharper regulatory focus on providers who remain seriously non-compliant with the required standards.

A key element of the reform package is giving high performing RTOs the ability to manage their own scope of registration… more…

Transition and teach-out extension for RII Training Package - ASQA - 5 AugustT 2014                                             
Remember empower resized
As of 14 November 2013 the RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package superseded the RII09 edition. Accordingly under the national standards, a period of 12 months (ie. until 14 November 2014) applies for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to transition their operations across to RII.

SkillsDMC, as custodian of this training package, is reviewing Assessment Requirements across the RII training package.
Further information regarding this review can be found on the SkillsDMC website.

To enable the completion of this review, the Department of Industry has determined that the period permitted for RTOs to transition from any RII09 Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package products be extended by six months… more…

Victorians Share in WorldSkills Success - 22 September 2014

Silver medalist Billy Cowcher.WorldSkills Australia, the ‘Tradie Olympics’, yesterday wrapped up their national championships in Perth.

More than 400 students, trainees and apprentices battled it out over three days to demonstrate their skills in a diverse range of fields representing both traditional and non-traditional trades.

Victoria once again fielded a strong team of competitors, claiming eight gold medals, including two VET in Schools categories.

Each of the medallists may now be selected to join the Skillaroos and represent Australia at the WorldSkills competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil in August 2015… more….

Industry Trends - Deciding what career – and what training – is best for you can be a complex process.

On the Victorian Government education website you will find a fact sheets showing industry trends, forecast changes for top employing occupations, training, job opportunities and skills that are in demand.

A professional careers practitioner can also assist in providing advice.

View the list and gain an insight into the changing trends industry information….read more…


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