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training-resourcesTraining Resources and Supporting Materials

The internet provides a vast range of resources available to assist vocational education and training (VET) teachers and trainers.

Phoenix has a range of validated resources and assessments. Check our library first. We may be able to direct you to quality resources that have already been mapped or create them for you.

'Support materials' are the tools that support training delivery and assessment from training packages.

Training packages do not always include enough resource materials for teaching and learning. The actual teaching material and assessment tools are often missing and you may need to create them yourself. Give Phoenix a call first. They may save you hours and create the resources or assessments for you.


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Training resources and Support materials aid RTOs, but are not fully intended to provide a single off-the-shelf solution for trainers and assessors in all situations. Each RTO may consider customising existing materials or design, adapt and develop their own to support the varying requirements of their clients industry and learners.


RTO Responsibility

It is the responsibility of RTOs to source or develop the support materials that they will use as part of their program.
Under the VET Training Framework (AQF), RTOs are required to have appropriate resources for delivery and assessment, but there is no formal requirement to use particular support materials.


Develop a NEW Unit or full Qualification

If there are no national support materials available for a specific training package, RTOs are required to source or develop their own materials.

Before any detailed development occurs for your course, it is necessary to first submit a Course Concept Proposal to ASQA to gain permission to develop the course.

The proposal must contain the evidence of consultation with key stakeholders that was collected in the primary research stage to show to ASQA that you have the support of the industry in developing your course. Phoenix Compliance can help you by conducting the industry consultation and provide a report reflecting their findings.

After a course concept proposal is submitted, ASQA will usually respond within 20 working days as to whether the course may be developed further.


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