New RTO Start-Up
Looking to start an RTO? Or just need compliance advice? Email us at

Buy an existing RTO, Establish a NEW RTO, Sell an RTO, Franchise an RTO


We often get calls from people wanting to buy, establish or sell an RTO.

During the last few years 'franchising' has morphed into the industry and has become very appealing - initially.

So, if you want to buy or sell an RTO give us a call first. We might be able to fast track the process and put you in touch with a genuine buyer or seller.

We will help you save time, money and effort and show you how to reduce worry and complication.

Over the years we have transacted many RTOs.

If you prefer a brand NEW RTO, we can help. The best aspects of a new RTO is that there is...

a) no baggage
b) no outstanding debts
c) no bad reputation
d) no non-compliances.

Phoenix has a ‘RTO setup package’ ideal for new RTOs at a cost of $30,000 plus GST
This package provides a quick turnaround with your inital application submitted within 2 weeks.
ASQA will then arrange an on-site audit. All other documentation is prepared for the initial audited.
Phoenix will manage the entire process so you can get on with running your training centre in preparation for your new RTO status.

When selling or buying an existing RTO there are an initial seven key elements required to ensure a successful sale…

The seven essential elements are:

  1. Correct Pricing – refer to Scope and Student numbers
  2. Last Audit results and next audit due date
  3. Business activity
  4. Contracts with State Governments, Partners, Employers
  5. Licence to operate in various states
  6. Financial viability
  7. Future growth potential

With these seven elements present, your business should sell promptly or as a buyer, you will be able to make a quick decision.

Conversely, if any of these elements are not present, a sale may not be completed in a timely manner.

Phoenix Compliance will…

  • Maintain Confidentiality  
  • Provide Advice
  • Use our Networking to source buyer/seller
  • Speak to potential buyers to gauge their sincerity
  • Help manage the introduction     
  • Provide advice on ASQA requirements



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