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Support, Coaching, Mentoring – through the transfer of skills and knowledge

When seeking support to run your RTO it can be a challenge to find someone who can relate to you needs.                                Benjamin Franklin on Education
That special person who has the knowledge, experience, industry exposure, management capabilities and then,
the ability or skill to share or teach you the way you need to hear it and learn it.

Coaching and mentoring separates itself from other forms of business support by focusing on transferring sustainable
business capability. Other forms of business support – such as consulting, training and facilitation serve specific purposes.  
Coaching supports individuals and businesses to understand and deal with an issue from introduction through to the
realisation of practical and lasting change.

Phoenix Compliance Management achieve sustainable outcomes by providing practical support and experience-based
coaching sessions, tailored to your personal agenda.

Above all, we deliver the context and perspective that allows RTO owners and company executives to make better  
informed decisions, and take responsibility for greater outcomes.

Team Effort

At Phoenix you will have the benefit of utilising the skills of multiple coaches/staff to support you and your RTO.

Many ‘business coaches’ operate as sole operators, restricting their ongoing guidance to their own limited experience.      

The Phoenix team all have specific areas of expertise. Our staff have a wide range  of RTO operations experience and knowledge.
You are also more likely to find a good ‘personality fit’ between the coaches, you and your other staff members.
This team connection encourages continuity, trust and confidence, as relationships strengthend  through the discussions of system strategies to further develop your operation and through the continual growth of your RTO.  



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